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Avoid Identity Theft and Online Fraud

Internet fraud is one of the most rapidly growing forms of illegal activities that frequently lead to substantial financial losses incurred by consumers and companies. Such scams always involve the use of your personal information such as your name, Social Security number, bank and credit card numbers.

Protecting yourself from identity theft is a crucial matter and there are many ways to do that. Our best advice is to be cautious and to stay in control of your personal information.

Community Bank & Trust will never ask for confidential information through regular e-mail. Further, Community Bank & Trust will never ask you for your password or PIN through e-mail, via the telephone or in person. If someone identifies himself or herself as a Bank employee and asks for your password or PIN, take caution. They do not represent the Bank. Do not reveal your information to them.

NOTE: The FDIC will never ask for confidential information through regular e-mail or instruct you to download any software application via the Internet.

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